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Last Updated: March 10, 2020

Coffee Roaster Smoke Suppressor


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How does Smoke Suppressor work?

Coffee Roaster Smoke Suppressors
  • Step 1-2. The fumes from coffee roasting, kitchen bakery, BBQ, etc. are physically separated by the pre-filter.
  • Step 3. Then come into the ionization region being charged.
  • Step 4. The charged fumes immediately enter the high-voltage electrostatic collection area for collection.
  • Step 5. And finally, discharge the clean air from "Clean Air outlet"

Use Our Coffee Roaster Smoke Suppressor to remove Exhaust smoke during coffee roasting by 90% up to 98% with high-tech filter core and electrostatic technology.

The high-voltage electrostatic field can effectively release ozone to carbonize part of the fume, eliminate harmful substances, and achieve the dual effects of disinfection and filtration.


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