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Mini Sniper M2 Coffee Roaster 300g Electric Home Lab Roaster

Updated: June 3, 2021


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  • Touch Screen
  • Smart Roasting
M2M2M2 with Artisan MeterM2 with Artisan Meter

The Kaleido Sniper M2 coffee roaster is a new  SmartRoasting-focused small sample roaster build with full touch screen operation and state of the art heating technology applies. The idea we made M2 like this is inspired by a firearm gun, so we name it Sniper, with our concept and vision to perfect shoot each coffee bean, present the optimum roasting result and flavor.

M2 coffee roaster

Dimension & Parameters

SNIPER M2 coffee roaster 300g

electric sample roaster
SNIPER M2 coffee roaster

Core Features

  • Carbon fiber heating technology + hot air, instant heating, no delay.
  • Electric heating, low power, sufficient heat supply.
  • Smart touch screen, Bean & Air temp. dual-curve display, ROR display.
  • Drum speed adjustment,  heating adjustment,  exhaust air volume adjustable.
  • Double safety protection.
  • Automatically collect 98% silver skin, no splash.
  • Integrated eagle wing design, easy-to-maintenance.
Mini Sniper M2 coffee roaster

Structure and components

M2 coffee roaster 300g electric

Colors and customization

The standard colors are black and white, we can also customize other colors according to customer needs.

M2 Coffee Roaster 300g ElectricCoffee Roaster 300g Electric Coffee Roaster 300g

More Detail

m2 coffee roaster

Additional information

Weight 22 kg
Dimensions 56 × 38 × 48 cm

M2, M2 with Artisan Meter


110V, 220V

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