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Small Electric 500G Smart Roaster

Updated: March 1, 2021


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Automatic Smart Coffee Roaster

Roaster ModelZA-500
Roast Capacity50g-600g/cycle
Hourly Output:2.4kg (base on 15 min cycle)
Heating SourceElectric carbon fiber far-infrared
Drum Speed:0-100%
Fire adjustment:0-100%
Air damper control:0-100%
Cooling time:1-2 minutes
Operation System:Windows and Android device
Connection:Bluetooth wireless
Roasting Data:Profile storage, export, and print
Package Weight :50KGS
Machine DimensionL700mm×W400mm×H600mm

ZA Smart Roasting System

ZA coffee roaster's smart roasting system makes it easy to control your roaster by connecting to Windows PC, tablet  or Android device, you can record roasting curve, create and saving your own profile,  callout the profile to make automatic roasting.
Real-time roasting data visual display, Temperature, Time, Airflow, Turning Point, RoR, Yellow, First-crack, Development rate, Second-crack etc.  

Roaster Features

Automatic roasting;
Half-hot air drum;
Conduction heat transfer;
Convection heat transfer;
Radiation heat transfer;
Carbon filber infrared heat pipe;
High-quality motors
0-100% heat power control
0-100% damper control ;
BT & ET temperature ;
Rotary drum speed control;
Air Fan speed control;
Profile replication;
Manual mode & automatic mode;
Bluetooth connection;
Profile create, save, printable;
Windows, android App;
 Wireless roasting control;

Small Electric 500G Smart Roaster

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