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ZC 500G Coffee Roaster

Updated: April 13, 2021


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ZC Home & Commercial Gas PH-500G Coffee Roaster for Sale

Roaster Model PH-500
Roast Capacity 100g-700g/Cycle
Roasting time 6-15 minutes/cycle
Voltage 1P 220V 50Hz
Power 100W
Rotary Drum Cast Iron semi-hot air drum
Drum Speed 0-90 r.p.m.
Heat Source LPG/NG
Green bean hopper Removable stainless steel hopper
Hopper green bean charge Spring rebound mechanism to release beans
Fire Control Stepless regulation needle valve
Firepower Indicator Gas Pressure gauge display
Burning room 6 burners
Temperature Rising 1-25℃/minute
Temperature probes Measure Bean Temp. & Air Temp.
Dual-temperature meters Digital display
Digital Timer Timing Function
Ignition System Electronic ignition with flameout protection
Buzzer Over-temperature alarm
Air Pressure Gauge Includes
Air Damper Half ball-valve mechanical damper
Cooling Tray Perforated Cooling bin with air cooling
Diameters of vent outlet 70mm
Diameters of cooling outlet 70mm
Anti-scald Net Exhaust Pipe with outer net prevent Scald-injury
Chaff Collection Seperated chaff collector with exhaust motor
Data Output Need external connect CENTER Meter
Roaster Weight 65KGS
Package Weight 83KGS
Roaster Dimension 740×250×700 (mm)
Package Size 850×400×750 (mm)
Package Type Export Plywood Pallets

ZC 500G Coffee Roaster

Additional information

Weight 83 kg
Dimensions 85 × 75 × 40 cm


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