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doyo roaster


micro electric coffee roaster


sample 200g coffee roaster


hot air coffee roaster


BP-150 ArtisanBP-150 ArtisanBP-150 StandardBP-150 Standard
hand coffee roaster


stainless steel diy roaster
Stainless Steel Home 200G Hand Crank Coffee Roaster Motor-driven DIY Roaster
  • Maximum 175g-200g capacity.
  • Stainless steel frame, easy to take off and assemble.
  • The Roaster comes with a screwdriver that easily opens the door after roasting.
  • Hexagonal mesh barrel with dual mixing blades, turn roll beans evenly.
  • 3mm stainless steel mesh grill, easy check bean color changes.
  • 4 levels height adjustment, fit for all kinds of household gas stove and portable furnace.
  • Hole underneath the base suitable for the vast majority of the gas stove foot support
  • 5 levels angle adjustment for rotation direction base on your roasting preferences.
  • Optional Motor module alternatives to hand crank, simple roasting, and save labor.


Grey Motor ModuleGrey Motor ModuleHand Crank HDC-200Hand Crank HDC-200Motor-driven HDC-200Motor-driven HDC-200
hand crank coffee roaster


200g small electric roaster


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